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Endocrinologist Career Information

What an Endocrinologist does

Abilities & Traits Required

• Good analytical, logical and reasoning skills

• Ability to memorise and recall scientific facts

• A keen desire to serve and help people

• A patient and understanding nature

• The ability to generate confidence in others


To begin with you will have to clear your 10+2 exam with physics, chemistry and biology. Not only will you have to score really well in this exam, you will also have to appear for the highly competitive entrance exam. Once you secure your admission, you will enter the five and a half year MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), course.

This includes the one-year internship period as well. After this you will need to complete your Post-graduate studies by going in for a 3 years MD course. At the end of this course, you will get to do your super specialisation in endocrinology, which is another three years. Only then can you call yourself an endocrinologist!

As an endocrinologist, you will learn about Pituitary disorders, Thyroid disorders, Disorders of mineral metabolism, hormonal disorders causing infertility, impotence, abnormal growth and diseases such as diabetes, thyroid cancer and osteoporosis.


After completing MD, you can start earning around Rs 20000 a month as a Medical Officer/Senior House Staff/ Senior resident in a hospital.

You could also work in medical colleges as clinical tutor, which will pay you around Rs 35000 to Rs. 45000/- a month. But once you complete your super specialization and become an endocrinologist your pay will shoot up to the Rs 55000-65000 range.

After that it is your reputation and your experience that matters. You could work for pharmaceutical companies as well as government and private research and development labs. Your salary here would be in the range of Rs 40000-50000 .You could even go on to make as much as lakh a month.

Along with the money is the fame. You will be renowned the world over for your expertise in your field. Starting off your own private clinic also brings in lots of money.

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