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Environmental Scientist Career Information

What an Environmental Scientist does

Abilities & Traits Required


To become an Environmental Planner, you need:

• Bachelor of Planning or a Master of Planning degree with specialisation in Environmental Planning

• You can do your Masters of Planning, even after your BE in Civil Engineering/Environmental Engineering

• Master of Architecture degree with specialisation in Environmental Planning

To become an Environmental Engineer you need:

• BE in Environmental Engineering/Civil Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering/Chemical Engineering

• You can also do a ME in Environmental Engineering/Civil Engineering with specialisation in Environmental Engineering

To become an Environmental Scientist, you need at least:

• MSc in Environment Science/PhD in Environment Science


In the manufacturing and process industry, you could start with a salary of Rs 18000 - 25000 a month. The growth prospects here are immense. A senior engineer in a large-scale company earns about Rs 45000 per month.

In various environmental research laboratories under the Central and State Governments, you will be paid Rs 25000-35000 per month as a Research Fellow. Rs 15000-25000 is the norm for Research Assistants after MSc With a PhD it could be Rs 25000-45000 per month. You can reach a maximum salary of Rs 45000- 65000.

In various departments and agencies of the Central and State Government Environment Ministry, salary is in the range of Rs 25000 - 45000 per month depending on the level of job.

A small scale NGO will pay you Rs 18000-25000 a month while a large scale NGO (like those funded by WWF) will pay you about Rs 12000-25000 per month in the beginning. The maximum you can command is Rs 30000-45000 if you are working for an International NGO.

In various environmental control authorities like Pollution control Boards, etc., the salary is in the range of Rs 25000-35000 per month depending on the level of job.

As a university or college faculty member, you can earn Rs 25000-45000 a month in the beginning. Your maximum salary as an environmentalist as per the present scale can be Rs 45000-65000 when you are senior most. In various urban and regional development authorities, you should expect your starting salary to be about Rs 25000-35000 a month.

Interview with an Environmental Scientist

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