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Equity Research Analyst Career Information

Equity Research Analysts specialise in research and help corporates to make better financial investments. They also interview executives of companies, make field visits, conduct market research, etc.

What an Equity Research Analyst does

Abilities & Traits Required


If you have an MBA in Finance, or you are a Chartered Accountant or Chartered Financial Analyst then you qualify for the post of an Equity Research Analyst. Other accepted qualifications include Master of Business Finance and Master of Finance & Control.

As a Equity Research Analyst you could also pursue the postgraduate diploma course in Equity Research and Analysis offered by The Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of India at Hyderabad.


You'll never regret choosing this career considering the money. But as a Equity Research Analyst you would hardly get time to socialize. In this high-pressure job money comes as another incentive to work on.

Junior Analysts earn around Rs 300000-800000 p.a.

With 5-6 years experience you could earn Rs 1000000 – 1200000 p.a. depending on the organisation and the post offered.

The MNC offer more moolah than the domestic ones. But it's not easy money. As a Equity Research Analyst you have to slog for it. You have to be exceptionally good in your job.

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