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Exhibition Designer Career Information

Ever been to an exhibition and wondered who makes all these stalls and props? Well the people who make all this happen are a specialised lot who call themselves Exhibition Designers. Read on to find out more about this profession.

What an Exhibition Designer does

Abilities & Traits Required


A degree in Exhibition design from National Institute of Design or equivalent would be the best starting point. Alternatively, you can make a beginning if you have a Master's degree in Interior Design coupled with a BArch or a Diploma in Interior Design.


Initially the pay is not that great. As an assistant to an established set designer you will make between Rs 15000-18000 a month. With experience and successful projects under your belt, you could make up to Rs 20000-30000 per assignment. Top-notch designers could make anything from Rs 200000 to as high as Rs 500000 for a film.

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