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Fashion Designer Career Information

What a Fashion Designer does

Abilities & Traits Required


You can do a course in Fashion Designing after 10+2. The duration of most diploma courses varies between one and three years and includes practical training.

A degree from NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology), or a Diploma from NID (National Institute of Design) will give you a good start. Both these institutes are run by the government and are reputed for their excellence in training.

Can I make it without a degree?

Yes you can! This is one profession where you won't have to flaunt your degree. There are reputed designers with no formal training in designing. If you already have the talent, design schools will only fine-tune it.


Stipend for apprentice at a design house: Rs 10000 - 15000. Once you are inducted the pay ranges from Rs 20000 - 30000 or more.

Senior designer (in medium to large scale export houses, designer houses, garment manufacturers or textile manufacturers): Rs 10000 -15000 or more a month. Fashion coordinators and merchandisers also earn as much.

If you branch out on your own later on, you could earn anything between Rs 100000 - 500000 or more for a single dress. And once you become a name to reckon with, you can call the shots the way you want.

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