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Film Editor Career Information

Film editing is an interesting career option for those who feel they can make a movie scene look better, sharper and shorter even though it has not been shot well. If you love movies and wish to be a part of them this profile on film editing will be of special interest to you.

What a Film Editor does

Abilities & Traits Required


Film editing is one such field where your experience and expertise counts over and above your educational qualification.

Of course formal training in editing will broaden your perspective but it’s not mandatory. If you manage to stick to a reputed film editor with contacts in the industry it will be your best training ground. If you still wish to learn the ropes through a professional institute you can want to join FTII, Pune.

Apart from enrolling with a top-rated film/video school seeing, analyzing and discussing films, reading books on filmcraft, observing film and video productions, visiting equipment rental houses and befriending camera assistants and attending professional exhibitions, seminars and workshops are all means of learning by living the craft.

For the post graduate course, the eligibility is a degree in any discipline. For a diploma course, the eligibility is a pass in HSC. Film Editing is also included in the graduate and postgraduate courses of Mass Communication, the eligibility for which is plus two and graduation respectively (in any subject stream).

The final selection for most courses is based on an aptitude test.


Expected earnings of a Film Editor:

The money in this field can be described in two words – very good. If you find work as an assistant to a well-known editor doing big budget films you will mint around Rs 30000 – 40000 from a single movie.

Now multiply that with three. Why? Well, what if you are assisting the same director on three projects? That comes to around Rs 120000 a month.

Now, don’t forget the fact that you are just an assistant. Which means that you can definitely earn more when you become an editor. An editor earns almost 6 times the amount that his assistant makes. That means as an editor you could be raking in as much as Rs 500000 a movie!

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