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Fishery Scientist Career Information

What a Fishery Scientist does

Abilities & Traits Required


Fishery Science can be studied at the BSc level after completing 10+2 with Biological Science as one of the subjects. You can also do your MSc in Fishery Science after completing your BSc in Zoology. Your understanding of Biology, Chemistry and Physics will constantly be drawn upon in your study of Fishery Science.


Your starting salary will be in the range of Rs 18000-35000 a month. Government jobs don't offer much growth but offer stability, something you would not get especially in the fish farming industry.

Research positions especially in private firms are more lucrative in the range of Rs 25000-45000 per month. But these are usually reserved for doctorate holders with experience. Money for studies that are carried out by teams of fishery experts is usually on a project to project basis.

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