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Forestry & Wildlife Professional Career Information

What a Forestry & Wildlife Professional does

Abilities & Traits Required


For Indian Forest Service and State Forest Services you need to be physically strong with a lot of adventure and risk taking attitude in you. Your height should at least be 165 cms. Be prepared for a walking test for 25 km. The minimum height for women is 150 cms, with corresponding weight. The walking test in your case would be for 14 km.

As for the educational qualifications, in this field of Forestry & Wildlife you should at least be a graduate. In addition to this, you will need a degree/diploma in Forest Management/Plantation Management/MSc in Forest Economics and Management or other related subjects.

To be a Forest Researcher, Wildlife Biologist or other forest professionals you should have an explorative and inquisitive mind. In this field of Forestry & Wildlife you should have a keen interest in biological science and academics. Of course you should have a love for the wild.

As for the educational qualifications you should at least have a MSc in Zoology, Wildlife Biology, Forestry, Forest Resources, Agricultural Science, Botany or other related subjects.


In Indian Forest Services, you will start with Rs 20000 a month and in State Forest services, about Rs 15000 a month. In Forestry Research, you'll begin at Rs 12000 per month as a Junior Research Fellow. But when you join as a faculty member in a Forest Research Institute or in university department, you will start with Rs 15000 a month.

Forest Management professionals get better salaries. Your first salary cheque in this field of Forestry & Wildlife will be in the range of Rs 20000-25000 per month. Government departments and Ministries pay you in the range of Rs 15000-18000 a month to begin with.

Other organisations like NGOs, international or national donor agencies will pay you Rs 25000-28000 a month.

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