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Forex Dealer Career Information

Does your day begin and end with the happenings in the stock and currency market all over the world? Yes? Then forex dealer is the right career choice for you.

What a Forex Dealer does

Abilities & Traits Required


Generally any bank officer is inducted in the dealing room after undergoing training programme of Bourse or Foreign Exchange Bourse conducted by RBI's Bankers Training College.

Some large Nationalised banks like Bank of India have their own in-house Bourse training programme. This training programme is usually for three-four weeks, involving mock dealings.

The minimum educational qualification is graduation in any field with interest in stock market. Nowadays, preference is given to MBA with specialisation in Finance and CA could also apply.


The pay scale is good in this field. To start off as a junior dealer you would earn around Rs 10000 - 12000 a month depending on the organisation you are working with.

If you are from premier institutes like IIM, working with multinationals then you could expect around Rs 60000 - 80000 to begin with.

Depending on your experience, performance and the organisation you are working with, you could earn around 500000 – 4500000 p.a.

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