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Geographer Career Information

Have you always been fascinated by the earth and its multiple facets? Are you concerned about the depleting resources on earth and feel strongly about doing something about the environment? Becoming a Geographer might be the perfect career option for you.

What a Geographer does

Abilities & Traits Required


The minimum academic qualification to become a Geographer is a BA Geography or BSc Geography. After this, aspiring Geographers can go for a Masters degree or choose a specialization and acquire a degree in it. You can obtain a Post Graduate degree, M.Phil or Ph.D. in specific areas such as physiography, cartography, town planning, oceanography, climatology, population studies and many more.


In the government sector, Geographers can start out with salaries ranging from Rs. 25000 to 35000 per month while those employed in private organizations can earn more and avail of various perks and benefits. This however, depends on the nature and size of the company, qualification, experience and expertise of the applicant etc. The earnings of Geography teachers can vary from around Rs. 30000 to 45000 a month.

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