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Geologist Career Information

Did your mother always scold you for playing too much in the dirt? Do you enjoy collecting stones? Are you fascinated by natural phenomenon like earthquakes and volcanoes?

What a Geologist does

Abilities & Traits Required


Many universities in the country offer both graduate and post graduate courses in geology. At the master's level, you can specialise in Geophysics, Applied Geology, Mineralogy, Mineral Processing, Petroleum Engineering, Geotechnology, Natural Resources, Marine Geophysics, Marine Geology, etc.

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur offers a five-year integrated course in Exploration Geophysics after class 12. If you have already cleared your BTech /BE /MSc then you can do your MTech in Geology or Geophysics.


You can expect to make around Rs 25000 - 35000 as a Surveyor in any government organisation. Salaries in research positions also fall in the same range. Geologists, involved in exploration work get between Rs 20000-30000 a month.

If you are working for an MNC as consultant on an oil-rig you could make as much as $ 500-600. And that's for just an hour of work!

Remote Sensing Analysis is also a high paying job and you can make up to Rs 55000-60000 per project as a geologist.

Geological Software Developers get a starting salary of around Rs 25000 which can work its way up to as much as Rs 50000 a month.

Research opportunities are also pretty good. After your MSc, you can either get a job with a salary of about Rs 20000 per month or a research scholarship for Rs 18000-25000 per month.

After your PhD, you can get about Rs 40000-50000 per month. The salaries are in the same range in academic jobs.

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