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Graphic Designer Career Information

Have you been intrigued by the gooey, slimy aliens that threatened the very existence of mankind in Independence Day, or the disastrous cyclone in Twister, and the mind boggling effects in Matrix? Who does these breathtaking special effects? Graphic designers of course!

What a Graphic Designer does

Abilities & Traits Required


A graphic designer in the publishing industry is expected to know packages like:





3D Max

Adobe Premier

For a web site:

PhotoShop Flash 4 Other animation packages plus knowledge of IBM and Mac platforms are the need of the day Knowledge of HTML

Freshers must assemble a portfolio to approach companies for work. Unfortunately, despite the great prospects, none of the art institutes teach computer-based art.

Some private design schools that teach you graphic designing charge around Rs 15000 for a two and a half-month course, which includes basics of CorelDraw and PhotoShop among other packages. Advanced courses and higher level classes cost more. Talking to the ex-students of the institute is the best way of gauging the authenticity of the institute.


According to Dheer, whose career began in 1955, graphic designing is not a highly profitable profession. ""Financial incentive for professional in this field has augmented marginally in comparison to the existing rate of inflation. The number of designers opting to work in the field of multimedia, though is on the rise,"" he says.

Fresher out of college can expect Rs 15000-20000 a month, which goes up to Rs 35000-45000 after a year. A seasoned professional with 2-3 years of experience can command a salary of Rs 50000-60000.

What's more, there is vast scope for freelance in this profession. Everyone wants to have a presence on the web these days and that makes for a lot of work for web designers. Initially, the going might be a little tough when you have to depend on friends and acquaintances to get you work, but once you make a name for yourself then sky's the limit.

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