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Historian Career Information

Do you get excited about the prospects of finding out a lost empire somewhere below our feet? Did you say yes? But would how about doing it for a living?

If you think you can, then you have a good career option. Become a historian.

What a Historian does

Abilities & Traits Required


Academic qualification wise, you will need at least an MA History or MA Archaeology or related area or a post graduate diploma in Archaeology to get an entry-level job in History related fields. You can also get an entry-level job in teaching with your MA degree.

But if you want a really successful and rewarding career, then you must obtain a PhD History or PhD Archaeology. If you are a lecturer in a university department or a college, you will need a PhD for promotion to higher posts. You will also do well if you go for post-doctoral fellowships at universities in UK or USA.


Expected earnings of a Historian: After your MA, if you join teaching, you will be paid about Rs 25000 - 35000 a month to begin with.

If you join a university department as a research fellow, then you will get about Rs 20000-40000 a month.

In other jobs, you are paid in the range of Rs 18000 - 35000 per month in the beginning.

If you join in research positions after your PhD, then you will be paid in the range of Rs 25000 - 45000 a month.

As of the present scale of salary, the maximum you can earn in all these jobs is Rs 28000-45000 a month as a Director of an organisation. However, the salary scale is likely to be revised very soon.

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