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Home Science Professional Career Information

Are you a food freak, meticulous and organized in nature, and love neatness and cleanliness? Why not put these traits to use in building a successful career? Home Science just might be the answer.

What a Home Science Professional does

Abilities & Traits Required

As home science deals with the most essential aspects of housekeeping, it requires a lot of skill, scientific knowledge of the specific subject, creative thinking and a rational attitude at the same time. Good communication skills and artistic visualization are also important in this profession.


In this field, you can develop a career on various verticals. However, quite often, companies ask for a Masters degree/diploma in the concerned subject.

Home Science as a subject can also be opted for during 10 + 2. Students can go for a BSc degree in home science after completing 10 + 2 in the science stream. A graduate degree in one of the fields of home science is preferred for a Masters degree/diploma.


One’s income after a degree/diploma in home science will vary depending on the specialization, industry, job profile and kind of organization.

A beginner can expect to start with a salary of around Rs 15000 per month after completing a degree in home science. This figure can go up to any amount with experience and success.

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