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Homeopathy Doctor Career Information

Do you believe in the alternative forms of healing? Are you patient with good observational skills? Then you could become a homeopathy doctor. Here's telling you more about this form of healing.

What a Homeopathy Doctor does

Abilities & Traits Required


Even arts and commerce students can become homeopathic doctors. It is not necessary but a definite advantage to have studied science. After passing out of school, a prospective homeopath can secure admission in a recognised homeopathic college. Some of the best homeopathy colleges are based in Calcutta and Kerela.

In Mumbai, the Homeopathic College opposite Cooper Hospital offers a BHMS degree. The entire duration of the course is five years and includes internship. Students have to undergo internship at Nanavati Hospital and the homeopathic ward of Cooper Hospital.

Several private institutes also offer several diploma courses. However, these diplomas are not always reliable and, therefore, a degree course should be preferred.


Doctors who have just started their careers or are yet to establish themselves can earn approximately Rs 450 per day. The earnings depend mainly on the popularity of the doctor and the location of the clinic.

Once you have established your own reputation, your earnings per day can go up to Rs 7000 a day. Established homeopathy doctors can charge a whopping Rs 600 per person for every visit. The doctor, of course, determines the number of patients he can see in a day. Apart from consultation fees, money is also charged for the medicines, depending on the ailment.

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