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Horticulturist Career Information

A career in horticulture is your best bet if you love being closer to nature - plants, fruits, flowers and what have you. If gardening is your favourite past time you can now extend it as a career and develop virus resistant potatoes, or simply increase the yield of your favourite fruit.

What a Horticulturist does

Abilities & Traits Required

• Patience

• Interest in Bioscience

• Keen interest in academic

• Sense of aesthetics

• Ability to put in long hours (often outdoors) and in varying climatic conditions

• Perseverance

• Knowledge of seasonal plants, local plants, soil, etc.


You will at least need a 4 years' degree course in Horticulture, which is offered at almost all the Agricultural Universities in India. One can also enter the field with a degree in Agricultural Science or a MSc in Agricultural Science. MSc in Horticulture is another route to enter this field. A diploma in Horticulture is also a good option.


You would begin with Rs 18000-20000 per month in a farm. With experience it would grow to Rs 20000-30000 or more per month.

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