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Human Resources Development Career Information

What a Human Resources Development does

Abilities & Traits Required


Let's see the academic route to a career in HRD.

• Your best entry route into the career is through a MBA or an equivalent PGDM/PGDBM with a specialisation in HRD.

• M.A in Personnel Management/MBA with specialisation in Personnel Management or Personnel Management & Industrial Relations

• Post graduate diploma in HRD • M.A in HRD

• Post graduate diploma in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations

• Master of Human Resources Development or any other related course

Upgrading your HR skills on a continuous basis with the happenings and trends in the industry is required to sustain in this filed. This is a must as the interest and aspirations of people change with the socio-economic situations.


Starting salaries are in the range of Rs 25000-30000 per monthA degree from one of the top 10 business schools of India could be your ticket to greater things in life. And we are talking of foreign posting with a salary of US$ 5000-7000 a month.

Starting salaries in consultancy firms may start from Rs. 15000/- and go upto Rs 20000/- in corporates.

Jobs in Information Technology, Telecommunication, Retail Banking, etc., are the highest paid. entry level jobs pay Rs 25000-30000 a month or even more. With 4-5 years of experience it could rise to Rs 45000-50000 or more a month.

At the top level, a HR professional earns the same as a Marketing professional: Rs 900000-2000000 p.a or more. You can be employed as the CEO of a company at Rs 5000000 p.a.

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