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Industrial Engineer Career Information

If you are one of those people who by just looking at things says, "Well, I could have done better than that!" and can actually prove it on paper then a career as an industrial engineer is for you.

What an Industrial Engineer does

Abilities & Traits Required


In order to qualify as an industrial engineer you need to have a BE Industrial Engineering or BTech Industrial Engineering or ME Industrial Engineering, MTech Industrial Engineering. After the Class 10 exams you can do a three-year diploma course. After this course you have two options. Join an engineering firm straightaway or enroll for a three-year degree programme.

Instead of doing a diploma, you could study science all the way up to Class 12 (with Physics, Chemistry, Maths) and then enroll for a four-year degree course in industrial engineering.

If you wish to study further after graduation you could choose between a Masters in Industrial Engineering, like an ME (Master of Engineering), MTech (Master of Technology), which are for one and a half to two years, or an MS (Master of Science-if pursued in the US), which lasts for two years. You can also do a PhD if you want to enter the field of teaching of advanced research.

The course in industrial engineering will teach you concepts involving industrial automation, systems engineering, process engineering as well as management concepts. A Masters degree in business administration (MBA) is particularly helpful for those planning to branch out into industrial management later on.


Any Engineering graduate can do a Master's in Industrial Engineering.

As a trainee engineer with a Bachelor's degree you can expect to earn a salary of about Rs 40000-45000 per month.

However your earnings will be much lower if you are just a diploma holder. Senior engineers earn more than Rs 60000 - 80000 per month.

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