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Instrumentation Engineer Career Information

If you thought that electrical/instrumentation engineering was all about just merely dangling with some electrical wires or at best, toying with certain instruments – THINK AGAIN !

What an Instrumentation Engineer does

Abilities & Traits Required


BE Instrumentation Engineering or BTech Instrumentation Engineering


Along with a sense of satisfaction, being compensated well for the work you do is a primary concern. Engineers generally make what is considered a "good salary." One can usually expect a good payment in the fields of engineering, but the extent of the money offered would depend on one’s academic credentials, job profile and most importantly, his individual performance.

There was a time when the career path for any Indian whiz kid with ambition and a degree in electrical engineering, from any the country's top technology institutes, would be to head for Silicon Valley, Boston, Austin or Texas to work at a premier U.S. semiconductor company. But, no longer now. Today, the India's best and brightest tech minds need move no farther than Bangalore, where they can do cutting-edge work for the rapidly expanding labs of Intel, Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard, and other tech giants. India has some 7,500 chip designers working for 65 companies, and their ranks are swelling by 20% a year. Their pay starting at Rs 25000- 45000 safely ensures quite a comfortable and fulfilling life in India.

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