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Investment Banker Career Information

An investment banker deals with corporate houses. They manage shares and capital formation of a company. They also manage capital market operations on behalf of the company. Investment banking operations mainly revolve around investment management on behalf of corporate clients.

What an Investment Banker does

Abilities & Traits Required


A Degree in MBA with specialisation in Finance or Chartered Accountancy is preferred. PhD in Economics and relevant experience in the industry can also get you a good job.


This job is highly rewarding, as far as the money aspect is concerned. Junior Manager gets Rs 400000 -500000 p.a. The high end is actually a dollar salary converted into Indian rupees. Average package paid to MBA from premier business schools is around Rs 900000 p.a.

With 5-6 years experience you could earn Rs 1200000 - 10000000 p.a., depending on the organisation and the position you would be working in.

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