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Jewellery Designer Career Information

What a Jewellery Designer does

Abilities & Traits Required


Previously, the only way one could learn this craft was as an apprentice to an experienced jeweller. These days there are various courses in jewellery that will teach you the craft. Of course you got to have a talent for designing.

Courses in jewellery designing can be done after class XII. You will learn amongst other things Elements of Fashion, Gem Identification and Colouring, Metallurgical Processes, Drawing Techniques, Design Methodology, Computer Aided Designing, Traditional and Modern Processes, etc.

The course will also give you basic information on different kinds of stones, colour schemes in jewellery designing, design themes, presentation and framing of designs, designing individual jewellery pieces, men's jewellery, costume jewellery, jewellery costing, etc.


As with most creative fields, the work is tedious and the rise steep. It is advisable for new entrants to first find work with an established designer, or jewellery house and learn the ropes. At this stage, the pay is not very high, ranging from Rs 7000 - 8000.

Once successful in establishing a name for yourself, you can command your own price, depending on the exclusivity of the design and the clientele you are catering to.

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