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Journalist Career Information

Do you want to make a living by snooping officials? Are you inquisitive by nature? Do you have a way with words? If you have answered all the questions in the affirmative, then you possibly have strong journalistic skills. So what's stopping you from claiming the next Pulitzer?

What a Journalist does

Abilities & Traits Required


As for educational qualifications, it varies with the institutions. Generally a degree in any discipline is the minimum qualification for entry. Getting into leading newspapers in India will be easier if you have obtained a first class in graduation. You can also have a Bachelor degree in Journalism.

Alternatively, you can have a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism after your graduation in any discipline.

Other degree/diploma, which may also lead to you a job:

• MA in a Literature (English or any other languages)/MA in Economics/Commerce/other subject

• MA in Journalism

• MA in Mass Communication & Journalism

• Bachelor/ Master of Mass Communication & Journalism

• MA/ Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication

• MA/ Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism

• MA/ Post Graduate Diploma in Television Journalism

• MA/ Post Graduate Diploma in Electronic Journalism

• MBA/ Post Graduate Diploma in Management


As against print journalism television is known to pay better. As a trainee in a newspaper your pay ranges around Rs 12000 - 15000 per month, which is hiked to Rs 18000-20000 on confirmation. As a reporter/journalist in the beginning, you can expect to make Rs.22000 - 25000. Editors draw a salary of Rs. 65000 - 70000 with a couple years of experience.

In the electronic media, as a journalist you can start out with Rs 12000 as minimum pay. If you are lucky, you can even start with Rs. 25000 with an electronic media company. However, salary scales aren't fixed in this field. And you can earn quite well after 4-5 years.

Senior sub-editors, for example earn Rs 50000 - 55000 per month. Some business journalists with 5-6 years experience can rake up to Rs 57000 -60000 if working with a foreign media house/ Indian media barons. Senior Correspondents/Journalists of leading media companies earn about Rs. 65000 - 70000 per month. You earn well...eventually.

As a lecturer at a good university you could start with a salary of 18000 and work your way upto to Rs. 30000 per month.

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