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Lawyer Career Information

What a Lawyer does

Abilities & Traits Required


On the educational front there are two possibilities: you can either do a five-year course after HSC or a three-year post-graduate course which is open to graduates, immaterial of their previous academic background, provided they clear the entrance examination of the institution. However, as a lawyer, you can even opt do your BSL degree (Bachelor of Socio-Legal Sciences) after completion of the five-year course.

Graduates in any field are also eligible for a two-year Masters Degree course in Labour Welfare. There are even one-year diploma options in DTL (Diploma in Taxation laws). Graduates in any streams are eligible for this course.

Note: To be eligible to practice at the Bar you ought to have completed the three or five-year courses, plus another year of internship for which you have to register with the Honorary Secretary, Bar Council of the state where you reside.

Government Law College, Mumbai, offers both, the five-year and three-year course. Each of these courses is independent from each other and is affiliated to University of Mumbai. Each has its own admission criteria.


Now let's get down to the numbers. If a soliciting firm employs you, you will begin with about Rs 15000 per month. But once you are reputed, you will rake in money by the hour.

As a junior of a senior lawyer, you can earn about Rs 35000 - 40000 per month in the beginning.

In Government jobs and Army, your starting salary will be around Rs 42000-45000 a month.

Corporate attorneys in large cities generally make good money. Depending on the size of the firm and the city, typical salaries for a first-year corporate lawyer will be between Rs 45000 to Rs. 100,000 or even more per month.

The real earning starts when you are practicing independently. There is no limit to that. A reputed lawyer earns Rs 15000-20000 or more per hour of work for a client - whether just advising or advocating.

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