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Linguist Career Information

You'll be sought-after by beauty queens as well as hi-profile foreign delegates. If language has been your forte all throughout school and you love to talk nineteen to a dozen, you have a bright future as a translator or an interpreter. Are you up to it?

What a Linguist does

Abilities & Traits Required


For a job in this field you need to have at least an MA in a particular language. In case of a teaching job in a school or university, a diploma in that language will do.

The University of Mumbai offers various levels of training in different foreign languages. French language classes by Alliance Francias and German by Max Muller Bhavan are highly reputed. Chinese can be learnt from the India China Chamber of Commerce & industry.


Translators usually work independently and command the price they think is suitable. Depending on the amount of work you decide to take on, you can earn Rs. 25000-35000 a month. If the workload is exceptionally heavy, then the amount earned can even go up to Rs 45000!

Teachers start off at Rs. 20000-30000 a month and progress up to Rs 45000 or so. Private classes mint a lot of money. On an average, you can charge a student around Rs 5000-8000 for a month's course.

Even a beginner can charge Rs. 2500 a day. With some experience it can go up to Rs. 3000-4500 per day for interpretation.

In many a situation when a real multi-lingual scenario comes up with many languages, an English interpreter may also tag along with the team. The second interpreter will just have to translate from English to the target language, which makes the job easier.

Translators also earn very well, with Rs. 5-8 per word. And for all these, what you need is a flair for languages. For a tourist guide, the usual rate is Rs. 2000 a day for a beginner.

There is a lot of scope for people trained in Japanese. You can work as an interpreter, the current rate for which is Rs. 5000- 10000 per hour. You can also become a translator, whose charges can go up to Rs. 5000 per page.

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