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Makeup Artist Career Information

What a Makeup Artist does

Abilities & Traits Required


You don't need any academic qualifications to be a makeup artist. If you are interested and have the ability to spend money, time and effort you can get into this art.

Usually, makeup is taught using the traditional method of passing on the knowledge from teacher to student, basically apprenticeship. You could do a specialised course in makeup from London or America. However, there are very few makeup schools in India.


As a Makeup Artist you could earn:

You could earn anything between Rs 1000-1500 a day to Rs 5000-10,000 a day. You could also charge per face.

The pay is more exciting in the fashion industry than the silver screen. In film industry, as a makeup artist, you could earn anything from Rs 1500 - 5000 based on the shifts you are working or the number of faces.

The rate varies with the type of make as well. You will earn more if you are doing special effects makeup than the usual ones required for the film industry.

Bridal makeup is another lucrative option for those with an eye for beauty. You can charge anything from Rs 10000/- up for a traditional look.

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