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Management Consultant Career Information

You are the kind who likes to tell others how to run their life. You believe that you know better than others do. You like the thrill of setting up a new business. You, my friend, are a Management Consultant.

What a Management Consultant does

Abilities & Traits Required


The basic qualification is usually an MBA. In areas like IT consultancy, technical qualifications such as an MCA or a BE Computers is preferred. Some sort of management background, however, is still necessary. A PhD or a Fellowship in Management is also a good qualification for getting a job.


Your clients will be charged on the basis of the type of service required, size of the assignment and the volume of the efforts put in the assignment.

As a junior consultant, your pay packet would be in the range of Rs 200000-400000 p.a. If you are from a premier management institute, you may start at Rs 1800000-2400000 or even more.

As a senior consultant, your salary will also include the commissions on the projects you work on. Top consultants charge as much as 35 - 40 per cent of the entire cost of the project as fees.

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