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Marine Engineer Career Information

What a Marine Engineer does

Abilities & Traits Required

This is what you need if you are planning a career as a marine engineer.

• Ability to adjust with people

• Ability to handle stress

• Should be level-headed

• Practical and cool in times of crisis


For starters, Mechanical and Electronic Engineers qualify for training in Marine Engineering.

However, those of you who want to start early need to take the IIT entrance exams after the 12th standard. The course is conducted at Marine Engineering Research Institute (MERI), in Calcutta and in Mumbai. It offers a government recognised BE Marine Engineering. There are also some courses offered at other institutes.

You course will include practical training including operating, overhauling and testing auxiliary power plants in addition to the fundamentals of marine engineering.


In the beginning of your career, expect a salary of Rs 40000-50000 a month as a Fifth Engineer on a merchant marine vessel. The pay scales are much lesser in Indian Navy.

Heading for the Merchant Navy is extremely lucrative. Just look at the money - a First Officer in the Merchant Navy gets up to Rs 150000 every month! And the Chief Engineer earns as much as Rs 250000 per month!

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