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Mathematician Career Information

You could be a Mathematician if...

• you know that your telephone number is the sum of two prime numbers

• you comment to your girlfriend that her straight hair is nice and parallel

What a Mathematician does

Abilities & Traits Required


For entry into the field of Mathematics, you need to have a degree in Mathematics or a BSc in Pure Science or BE / BTech with a strong aptitude for Mathematics.

Then you could specialize in various fields like Computer Applications, Operations Research, Industrial Mathematics and Informatics, Computer Science, Statistics, Information Technology, Electronics, etc. After a Master's degree in Mathematics or an integrated Doctoral fellowship in Mathematics, as a Mathematician you could do a Post Doctoral Fellowship. To be into research, a PhD is a must.

After a Master's degree as a Mathematician you can also get into research in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, System Science, Operational Research, Automation, Astronomy, etc.


In university and research organizations: Rs.35000-45000 per month (starting salary after PhD)

School teachers: Rs 25000-35000 a month to start with.

In a software firm after MSc: Rs 40000-45000 or more.

In other industries: Rs 25000-35000 or more depending on your qualifications and aptitudes.

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