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Mechanical Engineer Career Information

What a Mechanical Engineer does

Abilities & Traits Required


In order to qualify as a mechanical engineer you need to have a BE Mechanical Engineering, BTech Mechanical Engineering or ME Mechanical Engineering, MTech Mechanical Engineering. There are both degree as well as diploma courses in mechanical engineering. If you want to make an early beginning you can choose this route. After the Class 10 exams you can do a three-year diploma course. After this course you have two options. Join an engineering firm straightaway or enrol for a three-year degree programme, which will enhance you job prospects.

There another way you could be a mechanical engineer. Instead of jumping into a diploma after Class 10, you could study science (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) all up to Class 12 and then enrol for a four year degree course in mechanical engineering. Both ways, the number of years equal to six years (10+3+3 or 10+2+4). The degree awarded will be B E (Bachelor of Engineering) or BTech (Bachelor of Technology).

The subjects covered in mechanical engineering are theory of machines, applied thermodynamics, machine design, fluid mechanics, refrigeration and air-conditioning, machine tool design, heat transfer, prime movers, pumps and compressors.

Post Graduation

If you wish to study further after graduation you could choose between doing a Masters in mechanical engineering, like an ME (Master of Engineering), MTech (Master of Technology) or MS (Master of Science-if pursued in the US). All these courses need you to study for another two years. You can also do a Ph.D if you want to enter the field of teaching of advanced research.

Most engineering institutions in India offer a four-year degree course in mechanical engineering. Some of the Mechanical Engineering colleges and Universities are:

The IIT's viz; IIT Mumbai, Delhi (for under-graduate and graduate studies).

IIT BHU (Benaras Hindu University)

Veer Jijamata Technical Institute (VJTI), Matunga, Mumbai.

Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Andheri, Mumbai.


With a degree in mechanical engineering you can expect to earn a starting salary of about Rs 30000 –40000 or more a month. However your earnings will be much lower if you are just a diploma holder. Salaries differ with the years of experience and industry you wish to pursue.

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