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Media Planner Career Information

Did you know that there's an entire department in an ad agency that works on deciding where to place the ads? It's called the Media Planning Department.

What a Media Planner does

Abilities & Traits Required

• You will have to be a 'number cruncher'

• Very strong reasoning abilities

• Very good in comprehending complex data

• All the attributes that an account executive needs.


Generally, people armed with an MBA degree are inducted in the Media Department. You'll undergo one or two years' training in media planning and media buying to become a Media Executive.

Another route could be through the space/time-selling department of a newspaper/magazine/television company. Even fresh graduates or postgraduates are welcome to take up media planning.

However, postgraduates in Communication/Advertising are given the same status as MBAs. But in this era of specialisation, you got to be an MBA or a trained professional in space selling/time selling to be the preferred one.


As a Management Trainee/Executive trainee: With an MBA or equivalent degree from a reputed institute you can expect Rs 240000 – 300000 or more p.a., as the starting salary in big advertising agencies and large companies.

Junior Media Executive: Rs 300000 – 450000 p.a in big agencies.

Senior Executive: Rs 600000 p.a., in big agencies plus perks like a car

Vice President /Media Director: Rs 600000 - 1200000 p.a, plus perks in big agencies.

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