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Medical Transcriptionist Career Information

How good are you at decoding accents? Are you a master of the computer keyboard? Do you have a sharp ear? Yes? Well, you have just qualified yourself for a hot new profession. One that offers great money without leaving the comfort of your home. That's Medical Transcription.

What a Medical Transcriptionist does

Abilities & Traits Required


Graduation Any Stream. Proficiency in English required.


Starting salary: Rs 12000-20000 a month.

Experienced Medical Transcriptionists: Rs 25000 –35000 or more a month.

There are also some part-time or contractual jobs in which you are paid on the basis of per line of work done. For instance, the payment could be from Rs 2 - 5 per line. You could even be paid on an hourly basis and even on the basis of number of pages done in a day.

Some company’s follow a compensation package comprising of basic salary plus incentives based on one's volume of work.

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