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Musician Career Information

Do you constantly listen to music be it MTV, Channel V or even FM radio? Do you always play the tabla or the drums on canteen tables? Does 'Air guitaring' come naturally to you? Why not become a musician then? Come find out more…

What a Musician does

Abilities & Traits Required


" Some musicians enter into private study with a highly reputed 'guruji' under the guru shishya parampara, while other musician pursue a formal training programme at a college or university, gaining a degree in music or music education.

Major universities in India offer a Bachelor's degree after successful completion of the standard 12 or an equivalent, which is five years long. There are facilities available for post graduation too, which is a two-year course.

Almost every state has institutions for professional training in music. Some of the institutions are recognised or are affiliated to recognised bodies such as the Prayag Sangeet Samiti in Allahabad.

The Department of Culture (under the Ministry of Human Resource Department) awards scholarships for advanced training to deserving candidates. Besides, private bodies too aid through scholarships for advanced training in music."


"Money in this field depends on your reputation and standing in the industry. Well-known playback singers get anywhere from Rs 30000 -100000 for a single recording. Ad jingles pay in the range of Rs 25000-30000 for an ad.

Instrument players like the sitar, veena, guitar and tabla get anywhere from Rs 15000-50000 for a concert."

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