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Naval Architect Career Information

What a Naval Architect does

Abilities & Traits Required


The minimum qualification to enter this field is a BE Naval Architecture or BE Ocean Engineering. You can also pursue your Bachelor's in Architecture and then do a postgraduate specialisation in Naval Architecture.

You will learn the systems involved in a typical design process like analysing requirements, deciding materials and production techniques as well as assessing quality and reliability.

Along with the various engineering techniques such as material fabrication, assembly, installation and commissioning you will also be made aware of management practices such as production, planning and quality control.


Because this is a specialised skill, starting salaries are comparatively higher in the range of Rs 30000 - 50000 a month for those with a Bachelor's degree and around 45000 – 60000 for those with postgraduate degrees.

Pay scales in government organisations are marginally lower in the range of Rs 35000 - 45000 a month. But then you have job security along with numerous other perks and privileges.

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