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Nurse Career Information

What a Nurse does

Abilities & Traits Required


Academically, you can have one of the following degree/diplomas to begin your career:

• BSc Nursing

• MSc Nursing

• Nursing Diploma

• Certificate in General Nursing and Midwifery

• Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) certificate

• Health Worker

Due to the complexity of skills and advanced knowledge required, formal training, both practical and theoretical, is essential for a career in nursing.

Specialist nursing skills are required in the fields of Psychiatric Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, and Orthopedic Nursing for working in operations theatre, cardiac care unit, etc.


Earnings for nurses vary depending on the skills, degree and number of years of experience.

Most private hospitals and nursing homes are poor paymasters. Salaries start from Rs 20000-30000 a month. But the new age corporate hospitals offer a better salary in the range of Rs 45000-55000 a month.

Government hospitals pay more and remuneration there includes a lot of perks too. Gross salary ranges from Rs 25000-35000 per month or more. In other establishments, nurses are paid in the range of Rs 20000-30000 per month.

Experienced nurses with specialisation command a better salary in the private job market, i.e. the clinics, corporate hospitals, etc. Private nurses, who work on 12-hour shifts and devote all attention to one patient, are also paid well.

Most nurses get fringe benefits like paid vacation, sick leave, health and retirement benefits, dental and vision insurance.

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