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Oceanographer Career Information

We have landed on the moon but we have yet to step foot on the bottom of the deepest ocean. Over the last few decades our understanding of the ocean has undergone a sea change. So how would you like to be known as a water baby? Oceanography is the science of oceans.

What an Oceanographer does

Abilities & Traits Required


You can do your BSc in Marine Biology and then go on and do your Master's or Doctorate. You can also jump into the master's or doctorate programme by doing your BSc or MSc in any other science stream.

You could specialize in areas such as Marine Geology, Marine Biology, Chemical Oceanography, Physical Oceanography, Metrology, etc.

You will learn things like composition and quality of water, the surface and subsurface characteristics of coastal regions. You will also study the life process of marine animals.


Usually you will start with a stipend of around Rs 10000 per month. With experience, the pay scales in government organisations rise to around Rs 25000-35000 and work its way up to Rs 45000-55000 a month.

The private sector companies offer better monetary benefits. One of the added advantages of this business is that you get to travel a lot over water and underwater as well! Your research projects could take you to some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. As an Oceanographer, you will get to see Mother Nature in all its beauty. This is one thing that you simply cannot put a price tag on.

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