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Operations Researcher Career Information

Managing large organizations require efficient use of materials, equipment, and people. Operations Research (OR) analysts determine the optimal means of coordinating these elements by applying mathematical principles to organizational problems.

What an Operations Researcher does

Abilities & Traits Required


You need a basic degree in Mathematics or a BSc in Pure Science or BE/ BTech with a strong aptitude for Mathematics to pursue a career in this line. After your graduation, you must seek to enroll for a Master's degree in Mathematics with specialization in Operations Research or a MSc in Operations Research. Operations Researchers can also do PhD after MSc


In industries, Operations Research Analysts generally earn Rs 25000-35000 a month in the beginning. A senior professional may earn anything between Rs 30000 - 50000 a month. In research organisations and universities, you can earn about Rs 22000 - 32000 a month.

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