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Photographer Career Information

If I can't shoot with Atul, I'd rather shoot myself," said Shah Rukh Khan about ace photographer Atul Kasbekar, who quit chemical engineer to pursue photography. After all, you can't meet super models in a chemical factory, can you?

What a Photographer does

Abilities & Traits Required


You will do better with a basic course in photography. Certain skills have to be learnt, and you will have to know the instruments and equipment. A formal training course will give you confidence and make you aware of the latest technologies. For film and video, you must have a formal training.


Though the initial investment (in terms of a sophisticated camera with all state-of-the-art accessories) is quite high, the returns may go through the roof.

Beginners get Rs 10000-17000 a month. Experienced photographers charge Rs 20000-35000 or more a month. In fact, once you have established yourself you can command up to Rs 7000 or more for a day of shooting and earn more than a lakh in a month.

Fashion photographers charge Rs 7000 a day at the minimum. The best in this field can command up to Rs 75000 per shoot and more than Rs 500000 for one campaign.

Specialist photographers like wildlife photographers, under water photographers are paid on a project-to-project basis. These may go up to Rs 200000-1000000 or more per project.

Photojournalists and press photographers get Rs 20000-25000 a month or more.

Assistant film photographers get Rs 50000-100000 a film. But when you are reputed, it's better not disclosing the figure, as the taxmen will come chasing!

However, those salaried in a company/newspaper house should not expect these astronomical figures. You will get about Rs. 20000-40000 a month as your salary.

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