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Physiotherapist Career Information

What a Physiotherapist does

Abilities & Traits Required


To become a practicing physiotherapist or be employed as a professional in a hospital or clinic, you need to have completed your BSc or diploma in Physiotherapy.

If you have completed seventeen years of age and HSc with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English, you are eligible for the degree or diploma course in Physiotherapy.

There are many institutes that offer short-term courses (of 3-4 months' duration) in physiotherapy. There are degree and diploma courses offered by reputed universities and institutes.

Admissions to most of the Physiotherapy courses is based on a entrance examination conducted by the individual institutions/universities.


In government hospitals, polyclinics, health centre and healthcare facilities, your starting salary as a Physiotherapist will be in the range of Rs 30000-40000 or more per month.

A postgraduate degree in physiotherapy can earn you a salary in the range of Rs 35000 to 45000 p.m.

Private and corporate hospitals usually start at Rs 45000 and go upto Rs 55000 per month.

As an experienced independent physiotherapist you may earn anything between Rs 500 – 750 per visit.

As a lecturer you will be paid in the range of Rs 45000- Rs 55000.

Private practitioners can hope to make ten times more in a month.

But for that you have to make a lot of investment in terms of space, equipment and so on.

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