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Plastic Surgeon Career Information

What a Plastic Surgeon does

Abilities & Traits Required


A course in plastic surgery, which is offered as a super speciality in Mumbai in government-run colleges lasts for three years.

Plastic Surgery needs super specialisations in medicine. It involves many years of training. After putting in four and a half year for an MBBS degree, you have to serve in a government hospital or college for about a year. Only then will you be eligible for a Master's degree course in surgery.

Here you can specialise in General Medicine, ENT, Ophthalmic, or Orthopaedic surgery.

Hold on, we are not done yet. You will then have to take up a super specialty course or Master of Chirurgiae (MCh) in Plastic Surgery. Yes, it is long winding road.


Though Plastic Surgery is a Super Specialisation and there aren't too many Plastic Surgeons around, don't expect to make potfulls of money as soon as you finish the course. The truth is that the initial 2-3 years when you will be working with a renowned plastic surgeon will be tough.

If you are lucky you'll be paid Rs 20000-40000. This is obviously not much considering all that work you put in becoming a plastic surgeon. Moreover there are some doctors who believe you don't deserve to be paid as far as you are learning the tricks of the trade.

Yet another option after the M.Ch is to work as a lecturer with an academic institution, at a pay of Rs 35000- 55000 per month in the beginning. You can also start your own practice right away.

When you start your own practice, your earnings usually depend on the number of references you receive from other doctors and the locality where you set up practice.

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