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Production Engineer Career Information

Love dishing out advice by the dozen? Would you like to handle and coordinate all the aspects of a production line? Would you like to be the whole and soul of a factory? Then the profile of a production engineer might just suit you.

What a Production Engineer does

Abilities & Traits Required

You need:

• Strong technical and numerical abilities

• Good communication skills

• Team work and leadership qualities

• Analytical ability

• Organising ability

• Practicality

• Spatial reasoning

• Excellent logical reasoning skills

• Ability to grasp concepts quickly


In order to be a production engineer you need to have a BE Production Engineering or BTech Production Engineering or ME Production Engineering or MTech Production Engineering. After the Std 10 exams you can do a three-year diploma course. After which you can either join an engineering firm straightaway or enroll for a three-year degree programme.

Instead of doing a diploma, you could study science with Physics, Chemistry & Maths up to HSC (Std XII) and then enroll for a four-year degree course in production engineering.

If you wish to study further after graduation you could choose between doing a Masters in Production Engineering, like an ME (Master of Engineering), M.Tech (Master of Technology) or MS (Master of Science-if pursued in the US). All these courses need you to study for another two years. You can also do a Ph.D if you want to enter the field of research and teaching.

In the Production engineering course, you will learn subjects like design for manufacturing, quality management techniques, use of machine tools and robotics, etc.

In this field, knowledge of software tools like Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) is most essential.

Alternatively, you can also become a production engineer after completing your BE in any stream and working in the production department of an industry for three to four years.


Because this is a specialised skill, starting salaries are comparatively higher in the range of Rs 30000 - 50000 a month for those with a Bachelor's degree and around 45000 – 60000 for those with postgraduate degrees. Pay scales in government organisations are marginally lower in the range of Rs 35000 - 45000 a month. But then you have job security along with numerous other perks and privileges.

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