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Psychologist Career Information

Psychologists study the human mind and behaviour. They help people understand their troublesome emotions and behaviors and how best to deal with them. Let's explore.

What a Psychologist does

Abilities & Traits Required


While a BA in psychology might help you find out why your roommate is moody, it won't get you far professionally. To have a good career, you need at least a MA/ M Sc in Psychology/ Applied Psychology/ Industrial Psychology. To be into research, a Ph. D is a must.

As a Psychologist you can also have a degree in Social Work (MSW) to work in the field of Social psychology and Counselling psychology.


Most psychologists are inclined to social work and prefer to work with NGO settings. And it goes without saying that good money hardly exists in social work.

At an average, school psychologists are paid Rs 20000-30000 per month when they first start out. It could go up to Rs 30000-40000 a month after a few years of experience. The maximum a school psychologist could make in India is Rs 40000-50000

However the scenario is not so bleak for college lecturers. They start at Rs 45000 - 55000. University professors are much better paid at Rs 55000 – 65000 a month.

But hold on. The corporates are the best paymasters. Though you start with just 45000-65000 there is no limit to the scale you will reach after a few years of experience.

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