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Publishing Executive Career Information

What a Publishing Executive does

Abilities & Traits Required

• Interest in marketing

• An avid reader

• Creativity

• Good writing skills

• Patience

• Interest in social, economic and literary trends

• Good memory

• Computer and Internet savvy

• Good command over language


Most courses in publishing are post-graduate courses that require a basic degree in any faculty. With the exception of production posts, you don't need special qualifications to enter this field. You can learn on job.

But if want to excel in this filed you need to have knowledge of:

• Basic office software

• MS-Office

• Lotus Smart Suite

• Desktop publishing software

• Adobe Pagemaker

• Quark Express

• MS Publisher

• Design software

• Adobe Photoshop

• Amipro

• Web page design software

• Macro media

• Fireworks

Of course the skills are specific to certain types of publishing houses. For e.g., if you're looking for a job in print, Quark Express/Pagemaker will make your life easier. If you're looking for a job in Internet media, knowledge of Macro media/Fireworks will make your prospects stronger.


Publishing, on the whole, is not a very lucrative career. It's possible, though, to maintain a reasonable standard of living on the money offered by most organisations. Salaries and grades vary from one publishing house to another.

Starting salary: Rs 15000-18000 depending on your qualifications.

Newspapers and publication houses pay well.

The publisher who looks after the business aspects of a publication, gets paid in the range of Rs 35000-60000 or more a month, obviously this comes with other perks.

Marketing posts offer: Rs 150000- 400000 (for different positions)

Product Analyst: Rs 125000 - 400000 (for different positions)

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