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Reiki Practitioner Career Information

What a Reiki Practitioner does

Abilities & Traits Required


As a Reiki Practitioner you can learn the various stages in Reiki over a one-day workshop for each stage. But it is advisable to have a gap of minimum six months between each of the stages. This will help you get accustomed to the high level of energy; as well as help you to deal with unresolved issues of your life. There are different stages of learning in Reiki.

Reiki I - you will learn the basics like using proper hand placements, history, body talk and more. After completing the first level you will be able use Reiki for your benefit as well as that of others around you.

Reiki II - Here you learn to direct Reiki at the emotional level. You also learn the symbols of Reiki and its application.

Reiki III - You will learn to use Reiki at a very personal level.

Reiki IV - is only for the ones who are interested in teaching. Usually the masters initiate students for this level.


As a master in this field you could earn around Rs 6000-10000 per month.

With experience you could earn around Rs 15000-25000 a month.

If you as a professional healer doing individual sessions, then you could conduct 6-7 sessions depending on the treatment and charge Rs 150-250 per session or charge on hourly basis.

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