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Retail Manager Career Information

As a Retail Manager, you will plan and co-ordinate the operations of retail outlets be it small franchisees like specialty shops, fast food chains, or sections of supermarkets or department stores.

What a Retail Manager does

Abilities & Traits Required


Graduates are taken in at entry level while MBAs join in at the supervisory level. Check out opportunities for summer jobs. The experience gained in any store will come in handy.


Expected Salary of a Retail Manager:

Starting salaries are in the range of Rs 240000 –300000 p.a. In a couple of years, you will be earning around Rs 450000 – 300000 p.a. Senior Managers make between Rs 400000 –600000 p.a.

The more you sell the more you earn. One of the best parts of this job is that your work as a retail manager is out there for everyone to see. Your skills and experience therefore matter more than your qualifications while deciding promotions. MBAs from premier business schools start at Rs 700000 p.a Other MBAs are paid in the range of Rs 800000-900000 p.a.

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