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Rural Manager Career Information

What a Rural Manager does

Abilities & Traits Required


As for the educational qualifications to be a Rural Manager, you will do well if you have a postgraduate degree/diploma in Rural Management/Rural development/Rural Administration. A degree/diploma in Social Work/Social Welfare Administration will also do. As a Rural Manager you can specialize in Rural Marketing under some MBA programmes.

Apart from these courses, there are ample opportunities for you as a Rural Manager to enter the field of Rural Management with qualifications and experience from other fields. For example, you can work in advertising/marketing and then switch to Rural Marketing. With experience in financial companies you can join rural sector financing or work in grameen banks. Even those with a degree in medicine can join one of the NGO firms working in rural health sector.


As a Rural Manager you can earn around:

• In an NGO firm you will begin at Rs 15000-18000 per month depending on the type of organisation.

• In consumer and other corporate companies, you will start with Rs 25000-40000 per month.

• Banks pay Rs 15000 per month in the start. A postgraduate in rural management from a premier institution can earn you Rs. 600000 Per Annum as a starting salary.

• Cooperative firms pay Rs 18000 or more per month.

• Government organisations pay you in the range of Rs 15000-20000 per month.

• National and international donor agencies pay in the range of Rs 10000-12000 per month. * In most of the NGOs, cooperative firms and donor agencies you will generally have to work under contracts of say one to two years. Under contractual jobs, you generally get a consolidated salary. No other benefits like House Rent Allowance, conveyance allowance, etc.

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