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Sales Promotion Executive Career Information

Sales Promotion Executives supervise staffs of promotion specialists. They direct promotion programs combining advertising with purchase incentives to increase sales. In an effort to establish closer contact with purchasers — dealers, distributors and consumers.

What a Sales Promotion Executive does

Abilities & Traits Required


College graduates with related experience, a high level of creativity and strong communication skills have the best job opportunities. Those who have new media and interactive marketing skills will be particularly sought after.

A bachelor's degree in sociology, psychology, literature, journalism, or philosophy, among other subjects, is acceptable. However, requirements vary, depending upon the particular job.

For marketing, sales and promotion management positions, some employers prefer a bachelor's or master's degree in business administration with an emphasis on marketing. Courses in business law, economics, accounting, finance, mathematics, and statistics are advantageous.

Computer skills are vital because interactive marketing, product promotion and advertising on the Internet are increasingly common. The ability to communicate in a foreign language may open up employment opportunities as a Sales Promotion Executive in many rapidly growing niche markets around the country, especially in large cities.


Median annual earnings of sales promotion executives range from within Rs 1500000 – 2000000.

For the low earning-members in this category, the figures vary between Rs 500000 – 1000000 on an annual basis.

In addition, perks promotion and excesses in the form of bonuses, constitutes a significant part of their monthly remunerations earned.

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