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Social Worker Career Information

What a Social Worker does

Abilities & Traits Required


Remember social work is more of an involvement than a job. Anyone can be a social worker... a musician, poet, physicist, doctor, teacher... anyone. But of course, companies prefer people with specialised knowledge.

You can specialise in two areas: Social work itself, or fields like psychology, education, medical science, management, environmental science, rural management and development, cooperative management, home Science, nutrition, etc.

But who's stopping you from doing your Master degree/diploma in social work? Prospects in this field have more to do with avenues than money. However, you'll earn enough to eat at the nearest Udipi restaurant but not The Oberoi, if you know what I mean.


More are more people today are choosing to work with NGO’s, this perhaps is one of the few commercial opportunities where you can earn good money as well as do good to society.

The salary of a Social Worker depends on your qualifications and the kind of organisation you get to work with. Postgraduates in Rural Management are the enviable lot with the highest salaries in the business.

As a social worker you can look forward to a starting salary of Rs 15000-25000 or even more per month.

Most jobs of a Social Worker are contractual in the NGO sector. Your salary will increase after 4-5 years of experience. Add to that another 3-5 years and you can take a cool Rs 35000-45000 per month.

Starting salary of a Social Worker in the government sector is in the range of Rs 30000-40000. Hospitals and other industries offer Rs 20000-35000 per month.

And now for the bad news - if you are employed with a NGO you get no additional perks like House Rent Allowance, Leave Travel Allowance, Medical Expense reimbursement, etc. But if you are employed in a government sector you can expect to get various additional perks.

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