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Sports Coach Career Information

What a Sports Coach does

Abilities & Traits Required


The basic course is a Bachelor of Physical Education, after which you could also do your Master's. You could specialize in areas such as Bio-mechanics, Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology, etc. You could even do your Master in Sports Science.


Initially, the money may not be all that great. In schools as a sports coach you could start at Rs 3500 a month. Colleges pay better around Rs 15000-25000. If you are employed as a coach by a company, bank or gymkhana, you will be paid a fixed salary in the range of Rs 25000-35000 a month.

If you are really good and earn a reputation for yourself as a sports coach you, could easily make anything between Rs 35000-40000 every two weeks by holding camps and clinics. Most people however have full-time jobs elsewhere to supplement their part-time coaching.

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