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Statistician Career Information

Are you an expert at reading all those charts and graphs shown during cricket matches? Are you among the select few who actually like number crunching? If your answer is yes then we have just the right career for you. Come, be a statistician.

What a Statistician does

Abilities & Traits Required

As a Statistician you need to:

• Love and enjoy Mathematics

• Love to work with numbers and mathematical theories

• Strong ability to solve complex problems

• Strong analytical skill

• Comfortable with the same routine work day-in-and-day out


As far as academics are concerned, you would do well to begin with a Bachelor's degree in Statistics. You can do a BSc with a major in Statistics or even better than that would be a BStat (Bachelor of Statistics) from ISI (Indian Statistical Institute).

You can then better your prospects by pursuing an MStat/ MSc in Statistics.

If you have completed your BSc in Mathematics, you can do MSc in Mathematical Statistics, Operations Research or an MS in Quantitative Economics or even your MStat

If you have a Bachelor degree in Economics or Physics then you can do a MS in Quantitative Economics. After a Bachelor degree in Engineering or Technology, you have the option of pursuing an MTech in Quality, Reliability and Operations Research or a postgraduate diploma in Statistical Quality Control.


Market Research organizations: Starting salaries are in the range of Rs 18000 - 25000 a month and can go up to Rs 45000-65000 a month.

Economic and social research organization: Beginning from Rs 18000 - 25000 a month can go up to Rs 30000 - 40000 a month.

Indian Statistical Service: Starting salaries are better here, in the range of Rs 25000 a month.

However at the maximum you can earn Rs 55000 a month. In other government departments it's in the range of Rs 25000 - 35000 a month in the beginning and can go up to Rs 25000 a month.

Corporate organisations: In the beginning it will be Rs. 25000 - 36000 a month. Senior statisticians could earn upto Rs. 40000 - 60000 a month.

University Departments: You will earn Rs. 35000-45000 in the beginning, which can go up to Rs. 45000-55000 a month at the senior most scale.

In research organisations your pay varies a lot. Starting pay will be between Rs. 18000 - 35000 a month in the beginning depending on the type of organization.

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