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System Architect Career Information

A System Architect is a person who integrates different business systems strategically to generate object-oriented tasks. The trend these days are to offer complete business solutions to clients.

What a System Architect does

Abilities & Traits Required

Your personal attributes:

• Strong analytical and reasoning skills

• Strong numerical ability

• Discreet and clear in your thoughts

• Good communication skills

• Innovative

• Hardworking


Please remember, there are no entry-level jobs in this field. You can only get in after 5-7 years of software development experience.

The best jobs go to BE Computer Science, BTech Computer Science, ME Computer Science, MTech Computer Science, BE Information Technology, BTech Information Technology, ME Information Technology, MTech Information Technology BE Electronics Engineering, BTech Electronics Engineering, ME Electronics Engineering, MTech Electronics Engineering, MCA, MSc Computer Science.

MBAs with specialisation in Systems/IT also get very good jobs.


You just have to ask and you get it. You are a person with extremely specialised skills.

You can command Rs 40000 - 80000 or more per month plus other attractive benefits like ESOP (Equity Share Options, whereby you will actually be a part owner of the company you work for), etc.

Well, if have a penchant for green dollars; you will earn anything between US $ 5000-10000 or more per month.

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